Hall’s Bookshop can be found where it has always been on the ground floor of 20-22 Chapel Place, Tunbridge Wells. Chapel Place is a busy cul-de-sac between the High Street and the Pantiles, which is accessible from London Road and is about a five minute walk downhill from the railway station. A bus stop nearby is currently served by the 281, a regular service between the Pantiles and the top of town. The surrounding area is well lit by street lighting, and the shop’s bright blue and white exterior is easily visible. The pavement is on an incline which can be slippery when wet or in cold weather.


There is no parking outside the shop, though it can be used as a drop-off point. The nearest three areas for disabled parking are Linden Road Car Pack behind the Pantiles, the Torrington Car Park accessible through Vale Avenue, and at the station. Parking is free for an unlimited period for Blue Badge holders in car parks run by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Wheelchair Access:

The shop is not wheelchair accessible, as there is a small flight of stairs up to the only entrance, which has been fitted with a handrail. The shop is brightly lit. Hall’s Bookshop is entirely on the ground floor, and there are no internal changes in floor height. The aisles are wide, but the shelves are tall; two sets of library stairs are available to give access to the upper shelves, but our staff are ready and willing to help, so please feel free to ask them if you need any assistance or have any questions.


Visitors at this end of Tunbridge Wells are best directed to the Railway Station, Sainsbury’s or Wellington Rocks for toilet facilities.