Our Services

Hall’s Bookshop offers a number of other services that may be of interest to our customers.

Services we offer

Binding and Restoration

We offer a full professional bookbinding and restoration service, as the example below of a family Bible showsIf you would like to enquire about this service, please send an email with photographs of the book and we will get in touch to make an appointment.

Book covering

Every book that we sell is suitably protected against damage. Normally this means using an archival quality dust-jacket protector or plastic cover as appropriate; for some books, such as leather bound books, this is not appropriate.

If you have books that you would like to preserve using these materials, we can cover dust-jackets in protectors for £1 a book, and we can cover books requiring plastic covers for £2.50 a book. If you would like to use this service, please email us or call us (tel.01892 547531) beforehand. We will be able to cover a maximum of twenty books at a time — if you have more than this, we will need to arrange multiple visits.

Services we don’t offer

Ordering in books

Due to the high level of demand, we are not able to offer an “order in” service for items that we don’t have in stock.

Informal or Formal Valuations

We are not able to offer informal or formal valuations at present. See our page about selling books to us for more information.